Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Panda Tutorial

For those of you that asked so nicely, here is the panda tutorial. I hope it's easy enough for you to follow.

To make a cute panda of your own you need 1 3/8" circle punch, oval punch, 1/2" circle punch and 1/4" circle punch, Basic Black ink pad, dauber, white gel pen and Stampin'Up chalks. You will also need adhesive of your choice, scissors and a black pen.
Cut 2 white circles using the 1 3/8" punch, 1 white 1/2" circle, 2 black ovals, 2 black 1/2" circles and 2 black 1/4" circles.
Using the sponge dauber lift ink off the black ink pad and gently sponge the edges of the 2 larger white circles. Don't put too much ink on the one to be used for his face (left circle).

Using the large circle that has the least amount of ink on, stick the 2 black 1/2" circles toward the top of the head for ears. Again I found it best to attach them to the back of the head then adjust from the front. Then stick the 2 smallest black circles for eyes.

Add the small white circle so that it overlaps the eyes to create the shape shown above.

Then stick the head to the body, again attach at the rear and adjust from the front.

Using the scissors, cut the 2 black ovals in half. These are now the arms and legs.
Attatch the arms first then the legs. Here is a picture from the rear so you can see how it all fits together. Again it's probably best to stick them on at the back and adjust them from the front.
When you are happy, use the white gel pen to start adding the detail, eyes, ears and paws.
Then use a small amount of pink chalk, I used Pink Passion, to add a rosey glow to his cheeks.
Then use a black pen to give your little friend a nose.

And there he is your own little panda.
Don't forget if you need any of the materials I've used you can order them through me, just send me an email.
I hope you like the tutorial. Remember I'm happy for anyone to use my design, all I ask in return is that you link to my blog and mention my name. Happy punching!!
Sarah x

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Flores Hayes said...

oh I love pandas!
Here I bought a cuddly panda bag (L) that I can hardly put it down!
I believe it is a GREAT find for every panda fanatic!