Thursday, 15 April 2010

Family Fun

Sorry I have no cards to show you today.
But I thought you would like to see some of the pics I
took yesterday when we took the boys to
the Lego Discovery Centre in Manchester.

Meet Professor Brick!
The children learnt how the famous Lego bricks are made
and each came home with a special factory brick.

After seeing the most amazing Lego models it was our turn to build.

Then chance for an extra special lesson in Lego building from the Master Builder!

And here is what the boys learnt to make.
Such a cute turtle!!

We saw an amazing 4D Lego film, took a ride through a Lego castle
where we had to shoot the baddies and find the princess.
The boys had chance to let off some steam playing in the
Lego Firefighter play centre and of course we spent ages in the Lego shop!!

Hopefully I'll be back with some crafty bits tomorrow.

Sarah x

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