Monday, 11 January 2010

Snow Day......Again!!!

This is our street, a normally very busy road that runs through the village.
Well we had good intentions of going to school today. The boy's weren't due in til 9:45am but seeing the weather I knew the roads would be bad. So we set off at 8:30am to do what would normally take 10 mins!!!
We didn't even make it out of the village.It took us half an hour to do less than a quater of a mile.

Thankfully school sent a text at 9am to say they were open with a skeleton staff and if possible we were to keep the children at home.
The main road outside school is very bad, even the buses appear to have stopped, so you know it's bad.

So here are some snowy pics. We had a good 2 inches of snow last night and it hasn't stopped yet!
And all of that is added to what was already on the ground.
Yorkshire seems to have it bad today.

Oh well, at least there is more snow to make another snowman!

Hope you are all managing to keep safe and warm.
Sarah x

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