Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Club Penguin.....

.....meets Stampin'Up!!!!

Today is Ben's 4th birthday and he has had a DS for his birthday with the Disney Club Penguin game and some penguin figures from Samuel.
So it was a good excuse for me to get out my punches again and make some penguins!!!

One sliding down the number 4!!

One with birthday balloons!

And one with loads of gifts!

Well the snow has caused chaos again!!! I couldn't get out of our village to get the boys to school so we had to abandon the car and walk nearly 2 miles up hill in a blizzard to get to school!!!

Hopefully I'll be back later but I think I'll be spending most of the day walking up and down hills between school and home!!!

Sarah x


Sarah-Jane said...

Happy Birthday Ben! Your mum is so clever making such cool penguins
Good luck with the snow and be careful, great fun to play in on your birthday though, don't forget to have a piece of cake for me!
Birthday hugs from Sarah-Jane xx

Ellen Kemper said...

Love your wild and crazy birthday penguins! they look like the partying kind...

juliejules said...

Woweee, Evan is obsessed with CLub Penguin, him and ROss have been going on the website for years!!! Just showed Evan your card and he said it was COOL!!!! Have a fab day Ben! Jules x

Sarah B said...

Wow, These penguins are fab, Happy Birthday Ben, what a day to have your birthday, Hope he has enjoyed the snow too, Very apt with the Penguins, Hugs SArahB X