Friday, 12 February 2010

At Last.......

.....a card!!!
I managed to find enough energy yesterday to make this simple cupcake card for a friend of Ben's at nursery.
Lauren's birthday is during the half term holiday and the boys finished yesterday, so this was a rush job!!

I played safe and got my punches out to make this cupcake and added some brads for sprinkles.

Here is an arty angle!!

Sorry it's a short post, I'm still not good.
I've been back to the doctors this morning, but this time with Ben.
He is now on antibiotics for a chest and ear infection and now needs a steroid inhaler for his asthma!
Funnily enough he is not having his swine flu jab this afternoon as planned!!

Oh well I need to find some energy from somewhere to clean the house.
My parents are coming to stay for the weekend, arrggghh!!!!

Hope you have a good weekend.
Sarah x

1 comment:

Judith said...

Its a lovely card and I am glad to here you are able to do some crafting if only a little. Take it easy. Hope you feel much better soon x