Thursday, 24 December 2009

Twas the night before Christmas!!

After all the preperation and running around the magical day is finally here!!!
I love Christmas Eve, the kids are excited and have gone straight to sleep after a day of tracking Santa, watching Christmas films, seeing friends and playing in the snow.
These gifts round the tree are what has arrived from friends and family even before Santa has arrived!!

The boys have left out their sacks with giant name tags, a treat of homemade biscuit and mince pie for Santa along with a drink of fresh orange juice and of course a carrot for Rudolf.

So all that remains is for the jolly chap to arrive and the house to become a mess of torn paper and boxes (after I have spent all day doing my usual pre Christmas clean!!).

So I hope you have a very Happy Christmas!

Don't forget to pop back during the holidays for some more crafty treats!
Sarah x

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Sarah-Jane said...

Have a lovely Christmas Pitts family, I hope the boys have a lovely day, catch up soon :0)
Hugs and Christmas wishes xxxxx