Monday, 1 November 2010


As the days go by they seem to
be getting more and more hectic!!!

But I have finally finished the 100
bookmarks ready for the
Salvation Army Teratorial Congress.

There are 2 designs, 50 of each, for the prayer area.
The theme is light, so there will be tealights and flame lamps
galore. So to keep with the theme we picked a read and yellow
colour theme.
For the bookmarks I have used Rose Red and So Saffron with some
Regal Rose and Chocolate Chip ribbon.

I'm amazed that I have managed to get these done
with having had a such a busy weekend.
We managed to find time to take the boys to see
Dispicable Me. It was soooo funny and well worth seeing.
The all day Sunday was spent at church.
Jonathan and I led our first meeting with me preaching!!!!!
It seemed to go well, which is a relief!!

Right I need to put the finishing touches to the 100
prayer cards.

I might just then be able to get done all the things on my list
for convention on Thursday.

Sarah x

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Joanne said...

Well done on getting all those finished the look great.