Thursday, 24 September 2009

Tin for 10 years!!!

I'm posting this now as I know I won't have chance tomorrow.
It's our 10th wedding anniversary tomorrow and if you follow the traditional gifts 10 years is tin. Well there's not much that's made of tin these days so I stuck to the metal theme with silver instead.
Jonathan has wanted a new tie clip for ages but we have struggled to find one. When I saw this in the jewellers in town I knew it was perfect and I just had to get it engraved.

I just hope he likes it!!

This is the card I have made for him using the items that Anne sent for our recent Jems Challenge. The card blank, black card stock and vellum are from my stash the rest if from the kit that Anne sent.
Tomorrow is going to be a very busy but strange day. Tomorrow our worship band His2Own are playing at the funneral of a one of our biggest supporters. She was sadly taken from us last week after a hard battle with a tuma in her head and neck. I think it will be one of the hardest things we have ever had to do! I just hope and pray that we do her proud and that when I open my mouth to sing something actually comes out.
Then after the usual school runs etc we have our alternative service in the evening when the band playing again. The bit I'm really looking forward to is after when we are all coming back to ours for a well deserved curry and glass or two of something strong!!!
For those who believe in the power of prayer, please say one for our band at 11:30am and for those that don't please send us your positive thoughts.
Hopefully I'll be back on Saturday.
Sarah x


Sarah B said...

This is lovely Sarah, Hugs Sarah B X

juliejules said...

Happy ANniversary, I am sure he will love it! Jules x

Milly Moo Cards said...

Gorgeous gift. Happy Anniversary Love Terri XX