Friday, 18 September 2009

Loads to do.....

.....and never enough time!!

I've had another manic week hence the lack of posts! And to add to everything else that normally goes on we are trying to finish off some of the DIY jobs around the house. We have only been in our house for 17 months and spent the first 6 months constantly doing DIY, there was an lot to do to the house!!! Then we got to an appropriate time to have our house warming party and stopped. Neither of us have picked up a paint brush since.
I'm also busy working on some samples from the new catalogue, but I'm going to keep you waiting just a little bit longer before I post them.
So here are some of the pics from the workshop in Scarborough instead.

Sarah x


Sarah B said...

Looks like you had a very busy day, but lots of fun. Hugs Sarah BX Only two weeks to go to have a fabulously relaxing crafty weekend!!! can't wait.

Elizabeth said...

You have been busy. Looks like a great workshop!

I have linked to your blog on the ILWS links on my blog, so I will be back to visit regularly now :)