Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Class Cancelled

Sadly due to the very bad weather
I am cancelling tomorrows card class.

I don't want anyone to put themselves at risk by venturing out.
It's been so bad that school closed early (after opening at 9:45!) and I 
had to walk a 4 mile round trip to pick up the boys!!

This was the scene on the way to school.

And buy the time we got back to our village this was the amount of snow on top
of my car!! Which we had used this morning to get to school!!!

We have had about 10inches now and it is still snowing!!!
It isn't meant to stop until some time tomorrow!

So stay inside and wrap up warm.

Sarah x

1 comment:

Angela said...

I think we have had the same again today, school is closed tomorrow. We have had to dig out the cars to get to school and the snow is knee deep - never seen anything like it!

Two brave ladies arrived this morning for a class, I will be cnacelling Fridays though.

Wrap up warm, your walk to school looks beautiful!!
Angela x