Saturday, 22 August 2009

We're Home!!!

Yes we are back!
We had a lovely break at Haven in Mablethorpe, camping in our NEW tent!! It was fab. The weather was kind to us, lovely and warm and sunny.
The boys were entertained with loads of things to do all day, and of course wanted to do everything so they are shattered!!

As usual there is now all the washing etc to do now we are back and of course I have to take the boys school uniform shopping this week too!!! Oh joy!!!

I'll be back later with some pictures for you.

Sarah x


juliejules said...

Hope you have had a fab time, we have been on holiday again!!! To my mum and dads caravan in Ripon!!! Speak soon, Jules x

Stephanie said...

Welcome bak, can't wait to see piccies :)