Thursday, 17 February 2011

Spread the Love!

In an amongst all the busy hectic stuff I've made 65 bookmarks
 for the church youth group Electrify to use at the meeting they lead just before
Valentines day.

I kept them simple and used the Stampin'Up heart punches
and a heart stamp from the Simply Said stamp set to decorate the top of the 

They used the bookmarks to spread the love!!!
They seemed to be appreciated by everyone who took one
along with the yummy heart chocs!

Well the boys have been kitted out with new glasses, and very smart they look too,
but today was my turn!!!
All this reading is starting to take it's toll on my eyes and I was told today
that my muscles in my eyes are getting weaker.
I'll show you my specs when I pick them up next week.

Sarah x

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